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Let’s begin a brighter story

There is something universally appealing about a new year. Twelve new months stretch out before us, untainted by disappointments and…

Dennis Wevell

Take a step back to take a step forward

We all long back to the good old days. Back to a simpler time when the world seemed less confusing.…

Dennis Wevell

Building blocks for success

When I was five years old and my father was still trying to make a living off our way too…

Dennis Wevell

My Sticitt Journey | Theo Kitshoff, CEO

I truly believe in the power of responsible commerce to solve society’s toughest problems. Come to think about it, any…


Why schools should care about Financial Literacy

I learned about money from my dad. He taught me to have an entrepreneurial mindset from an early age. He…


Ask the experts | Findamentals

In a world where everyone is chasing more, quotes like ‘’money makes the world go round” are front and centre.…


A manic or moving Monday | How to make school payments

A manic Monday? Driving into the school’s driveway your child suddenly remembers it’s civvies day, valentines ball tickets are being…


Teaching your children about money | PART II

How do you build towards a better future? Does dedication structure a better tomorrow? Are we living in a fast-money…


Teaching your children about money | PART I

Teaching your children to understand the fundamentals of money is critical to preparing them for success in the real world.…


Sticitt success | By taking hands as partners, a better future can be built

Over the past five years, Sticitt has grown beyond recognition. Gone are the days of working with a handful of…