My First Mastercard

Teach your child the significance of money by introducing them to our child-friendly spending card, equipped with enhanced safety features.

The ultimate child-friendly Debit Card, tailored to your needs.

Let your child manage their own money safely.

'Learning by doing.' Sticitt's Mastercard isn't just a card; it's a solution tailored to address the unique challenges parents face.

Empower your child's Financial journey
from the start.

Secure your Mastercard

Log in to your Sticitt account, upgrade to premium, and order a Mastercard to unlock interactive financial lessons.


Incentivise with pocket money

Encourage positive behaviour by setting tasks or effortlessly transferring pocket money into your child's Sticitt account.


Promote safe spending

Our enhanced parental controls ensure risk-free learning. Limit when, where, and how they spend.

Personalise the Mastercard
by engraving your child's name, fostering a sense of accomplishment and making it uniquely theirs.

Guide your child toward Success.

Feel safe in knowing the control is in your hands. Teach them to learn responsibility at your own pace.

Set spending limits

Empower responsible choices by setting limits on your child's behaviour.

Track progress

Experience the joy of watching your child's success unfold, as you track their progress.

Get important alerts

Relax, we've got your back. Get notified when your child spends or if funds run out.

Monitor spend

Gain a profound understanding of spending habits, cultivating financial awareness all-round.

“Transform your child's early interactions with money into valuable lessons that count for a lifetime.”

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