Sticitt Pay

Our first product

We believe transacting should be easy. So we built a payment tool that can take the specific needs of niche customers into account and offer a solution that truly meets their needs.

By targeting those whom the traditional payment space has failed, we get to add significant value. We might not be big enough to help everyone, but we can change everything for a few that really need it.


Frictionless money systems that add true value.

We strive for a world where money systems are re-imagined from the perspective of the people who need them. Where financial solutions truly solve the problems of the people who use them.

We believe money systems should be simple, understandable and transparent. But also priced in a manner that ensures value is added, not taken away in the process.

The Team

What happens when you bring together a group of talented people, who truly care about solving real customer problems? A company is born where good is just not good enough, being exceptional becomes the new norm.