Shape the life you envision for your child.

Unlock your child's potential through personalised financial tools, fostering smarter, safer, and simpler learning.

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Interactive tools crafted for your guidance and their success.

Instil financial habits for life

Empower hands-on learning through our interactive tools. Our revolutionary approach provides a simple and engaging way to teach finance safely.

Easy money management

Easily handle your child's finances and tuckshop expenses in one convenient place using our user-friendly dashboard, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Smarter, safer, simpler

Navigate your child’s financial journey with our enhanced safety features that provide the perfect balance between teaching responsibility and risk-free learning.

Learning by doing:
Crafting strong habits with long-lasting impressions.


A tailored answer to the challenges of parenting. Enjoy watching your child thrive, learn essential life skills at their own pace, and experience Premium Parenting with our child-friendly Mastercard.

Feeling inspired? So are we.

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Access our user-friendly dashboard for effortless management of your child's finances and tuckshop expenses.


Upgrade to Premium

Unlock engaging learning tools tailored to your child's needs, teaching them valuable skills like earning, saving, and budgeting.


Order a Sticitt Mastercard

Empower your child to spend wisely with our child-friendly Mastercard. Alternatively, limit their spending to the school tuckshop using the convenient tap-to-pay Sticitt card or wristband.

Guide your child toward Success.

Feel safe in knowing the control is in your hands. Teach them to learn responsibility at their own pace.

Set spending limits

Empower responsible choices by setting limits on your child's behaviour.

Track progress

Experience the joy of watching your child's success unfold, as you track their progress.

Get important alerts

Relax, we've got your back. Get notified when your child spends or if funds run out.

Monitor spend

Gain a profound understanding of spending habits, cultivating financial awareness all-round.

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