Why schools should care about Financial Literacy

I learned about money from my dad. He taught me to have an entrepreneurial mindset from an early age. He also taught me to be careful about what I spend, to live within my means, and to track my money effectively. He showed me to be dedicated, disciplined, and hard-working. And the lessons took hold because he lived them out religiously in his own life. As far back as I could remember my dad would work long hours late at night, get up early to be at work before any of his staff, and only leave long after anyone else has gone. Starting out with very little he strove his entire life to make sure we are always catered for financially. And when the covid pandemic pushed his businesses into debt, he took his own life so that the life policies could safeguard the inheritance he built up for us. My dad didn’t realise that we would happily trade everything he strove to build for the one thing money can’t buy us now: more time with him.

This is why Sticitt exists. Because people carrying hurt caused by a fundamental misunderstanding of financial literacy came into a room together and decided to do something about it. Sticitt was built on the belief that the first lesson about money we need to learn is that it is not about money: it’s about the value we add while we earn it, and the value we get when we spend it. Money needs to follow value and be a catalyst for building lives filled with the things we truly value.

The challenge is that our flawed view of money is deeply ingrained in our society and reinforced by the very institutions we approach for advice and support in managing our money. To challenge the status quo we need to start from the ground up with our next generation. Embedding a healthier view of money from the start so that they won’t fall into the same trap of debt, consumerism, and financial distress that our current generation of adults is experiencing. Financial literacy needs to be a priority from a young age.

Our mission at Sticitt is therefore to work with schools and parents to put the value back in money. Firstly by helping schools gain maximum value from the money they raise by minimising the administrative load of raising, receiving, and reporting while receiving funds. By adding value to schools we believe this frees up the capacity of school staff to focus on adding more value for our children. And secondly by helping parents empower their children to live successful lives by teaching them to subjugate money to gain value instead of living constrained by the servitude of money.

Engage any person at Sticitt and they will tell you: “We’re not just a payments company. We are a partner to all those willing to help us make money valuable again.”

May we partner with you?

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