A manic or moving Monday | How to make school payments

A manic Monday? Driving into the school’s driveway your child suddenly remembers it’s civvies day, valentines ball tickets are being sold, and it’s the Gr 9 entrepreneurs day. You have no cash in your car and this erupts into a chaotic start to the week. Parents, we know you’ve all been there, forgetting to draw cash, especially for school-related payments. Now you have to deal with the chaos that follows: kids being upset and the school constantly reminding you how you forgot to pay them. Not to mention how unsafe it is to send your kid to school with cash. Luckily it does not have to be this way. 

Sticitt Pay has simplified the process of making school payments tremendously. In the d6 App, there is a Sticitt Wallet. Think of this as your everyday wallet where you keep cash, but instead – this one is solely for school-related payments. You can load funds into your wallet through an EFT or “Fast” option, making school payments through d6. The process is easy.

Steps to follow to load funds into your Sticitt wallet

  1. Open your d6 app and go to “More”,  “Payments” and then “Load Funds”. 
  2. You will then see Sticitt’s banking details to make an EFT payment- the important thing to remember here is to always use your unique 8-letter EFT reference as it is unique to your wallet and also that an EFT can take up to 48 hours to clear depending on your bank. 
  3. If you wish to have the funds in your wallet immediately you may choose the “fast” option, however, a transaction fee is applicable with this option. 

Steps to follow to make school payments

  1. Once you have loaded your funds and see the amount reflected under “Available Funds” you can go back to the “Payments” page and proceed to “Make School Payments”. 
  2. Here you will see all amounts payable to the school, whether it is school fees, civvies days or any other school-related payments that can be made through d6. Choose the project or fee you want to pay and select “Pay” then “Proceed to Pay”. 
  3. This will open your Sticitt Wallet where you choose “Pay”. If you have enough funds in your wallet, the project will be paid, your invoice will be emailed to you and the school will be notified of your payment. If you do not have sufficient funds to complete the payment, a “Payment Pending” screen will pop up where you can proceed to select “Load Funds” and follow the same process as previously mentioned. If you do not Load Funds immediately after selecting “Pay”, please note that you have authorized a payment and the moment funds reflect in your wallet the authorized amount will deduct automatically.

With Sticitt Pay you can avoid the start of a manic Monday, and a chaotic start to your week. Stop stressing about drawing cash and sending your child to school with an envelope hoping they remember to give it to their teacher. Sticitt pay will always be your reminder, your secret side-kick to step up your parental game. Sticitt designed Sticitt Pay to be a quick, simple and viable process for you to make school payments effectively. Use Sticitt Pay and be the Super Sticitt parent that you are!

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