Take a step back to take a step forward

We all long back to the good old days. Back to a simpler time when the world seemed less confusing. We look at the speed at which everything seems to work, and how impatient it is causing all of us to be. This worries us, especially when we think of our children. If only we could go back, and teach them that patience is a virtue, that greater rewards come to those who wait and that standing on principle is more important than gratifying our every need instantly.

We can’t go back, but we can go forward to a future like the past we yearn for. Go forward to a future that embraces the principles our society seems to have left behind. Because the world isn’t changed by big men making big speeches, and definitely not by people marching and burning. It is saved daily, around our kitchen tables where the next generation is formed. Our small everyday actions form into the life-long habits our children will adopt, which form into the principles they will live out in their lives as adults, which shape the nature of the society they will create. And this society will choose leaders who build the future we yearn for.

Sticitt believes in this future. We strive every day to encourage and equip parents to help us build it, not through massive revolutionary or superhuman acts, but quietly and consistently. By doing the small things right every day, we can achieve so much more, than by trying to change everything all at once. Instinctively we all know this, although it is hard to implement. This is why Sticitt is building you as a parent the tools to make it easier.

Let us help you set a foundation of discipline, innovation and dedication that will help your children thrive. Use our tools to incentivise the right behaviour by teaching children to earn instead of just demand, save, work and plan instead of instant gratification, and show discipline in pursuing long-term outcomes.

A true hero is a parent who does the unappreciated work every day and raises a child ready to form part of a world that is better than the one we have now. We exist to support those heroes.

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