money tools.

Success starts here. Experience the joy of watching your child make their own decisions and learn independence, while under your supervision.

Interactive tools tailored for your guidance
and their success.

Open a child-friendly account

“Children learn best from doing.”
So allow them to safely track and manage their own money under your control, instilling habits for lifelong success.

Set chores around the house

Teach your child the value of money by setting tasks around the house and reward them for demonstrating positive behaviour through completing assigned chores.

Empower savings

No separate account; instead, focus on instructing your child about setting saving goals and cultivating the habit of saving for what they want.

Teach budgeting and set goals

Empower your child to develop forward-thinking financial habits by guiding them in creating a budget and fostering a commitment to sticking to it.

Enable safe spending

Instil a sense of independence by allowing your child to spend money with our premium Mastercard, designed for enhanced safety and risk-free learning.

Inspire sharing

Teach your child the value their money can generate in the world, by allowing them to donate to a worthy cause.

Safety first

We understand the challenges you face as a parent. That’s why we’ve built a platform tailored to meet your needs, offering a fun and engaging opportunity to teach your child about finance in a risk-free environment.

Empower your child with controlled
spending privileges as a reward.

Limit spend or disable cards in one tap.

Sticitt Mastercard

Accepted everywhere, with
your preferred limitations.

Tuckshop Tags

Exclusive to Sticitt-partnered schools.

Sticitt Pay App

Exclusive to Sticitt-partnered schools.

Upgrade to Premium Parent now

and experience the joy of watching your child develop habits for lifelong success

Only R35 p/m

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